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LasutechX 2.0

Date April 22nd and 23rd

The foremost gathering of students, tech enthusiasts, tech experts within and outside the Lagos state university community.


We are geared towards bringing together all levels of people in the tech sphere to discuss present and emerging technologies and how these technologies can be used to solve problems and make social impacts. Also, students within the university community are given the platform to present their solutions and get expert guidance from participating tech experts.

As more students become more aware of using technology as a tool of providing solutions and the emergence and expansion of tech communities within the university, the next edition of LASUTECHX is set to be bigger and robust with a 2 days event. Workshop/Lab sessions and the main conference

Meet our speakers

Steve Buchanan

Workshop facilitator

Holly Lehman

Keynote speaker

Isidora Katanic

Keynote speaker

Peterson Ohaikhenah

Guest speaker

Oluwafemi Tairu

Keynote speaker

Haneefah A. Lekki

Guest speaker

Eniola Agboola

Guest speaker

Damilola Omiyera

Workspace facilitator

LasutechX at a Glance

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Clubs & Activities
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We aim at inspiring our members to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.


Communities Overview

The maiden edition in 2020 was hosted at the LASUCBT center, Lagos state university Ojo Lagos and was funded by individuals who were the organizing team.


Hands-on experience with the latest programming languages and technology.

Microsoft Student Learn

Giving wings to the artists who’d like to take it up as a career or just a hobby.

Blockchain club

The study of ancient and modern languages, philosophy, history, and more.

Github Student Expert

The study that encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions.


Understanding the game of numbers and logic to solve real-world problems.


Learning more modes of communication from different parts of the world.

Coming Events


Our students are passionate about sports and athletics and have the freedom to choose the one they like and wish to take up.


We have several writers who are encouraged to come up with creations that are regularly published in our in-house magazines.


With professionals on board, we take pride in training our students in art forms like dance, drama, painting and more.

Call for sponsors

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